Land Decontamination

Could your building site have contaminated soil on it. Heating oil storage tanks from residential or commercial properties, diesel, petrol and used oil storage tanks from former petrol stations or car workshops often leaked.

Other contaminants such as heavy metals such as lead, chrome, copper and arsenic are often found at old wood treatment plants, paint manufacturers and pottery/ceramics manufacturers. The tars used to make roads can contain coal tar, which is a hazardous material. This would mean the soil is contaminated and must be assessed before removal.

Rules Regarding Contaminated Land

New rules regarding contaminated land and how the contaminated soil can be removed or re-used came into force in April 2018. Getting it wrong could mean HMRC will charge around £180 per tonne for any soil or demolition rubble removed from the site and potentially prosecute as well.

Accurately mapping the extent and type of any contamination minimises the amount of soil that needs removing or treating. For any soil that requires removal, the data generated during the mapping can be used to complete the information required by landfill or soil/rubble recycling facilities.

The latest generation of on site analysers can be used to obtain immediate and accurate chemical analysis data which can be used to identify and map any contamination present. Real time data allows for speedy and efficient mapping and subsequent removal of any contamination identified. This means the assessment and removal can occur on the same day ensuring projects are not held up for weeks waiting for results from conventional off site analysis laboratories.

If you suspect your site may contain contaminated soil, save time and money by contacting us.  We work with the team at QROS to bring you the most cost effective solution to contaminated land.

Land Decontamination
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