Loft Conversions

A loft conversion is one of the best investments you can make for your home and family. With so many benefits, it’s definitely an investment that’s worth your hard-earned money.

Loft Conversion Benefits

Extra Space – The cost of living space is continually increasing year after year. Rather than moving out to a bigger house, a loft conversion may give you enough space for your family needs without breaking the bank. A new bathroom, home office, playroom or an extra bedroom are just a few ideas of what you can do with your new space.

Property Value Increase – The thing about loft conversions is that it’s a project that can increase your property’s value. In most cases, you can expect an increase of up to 20%.

Increase Energy Efficiency – Poor or outdated insulation is often the cause of energy inefficiency. Ultimately, this is going to put a strain on the environment and your pockets. A loft conversion will often mean better insulation for the roof area, and that translates to higher energy efficiency.

loft conversion
Loft conversion
loft conversion bathroom

Types of Loft Conversions

If the mentioned benefits above are attractive to you, then you should know that there are different types of loft conversions.

Knowing the kind you want or need can help speed up the process.
Dormer Extension – It’s a loft conversion that will result in the extension of your roof. With this type of project, you will get more living space and a large window for your viewing pleasure. This type of extension usually takes three to five weeks to complete. Keep in mind that dormer extensions require planning permission most of the time.

Velux Window – This type of loft conversion doesn’t involve the process of extending the roof. Thus, the completion time is faster, and it’s also more economical. The attic is converted to any space you want with the addition of windows placed on the roof. The window glass is specialised to provide maximum light, insulation, and protection. In most cases, Velux window loft conversion doesn’t require planning permission. Completion time is typically two to three weeks.

Side Dormer – A side dormer is similar to the dormer extension, except the window and the room extension are positioned at a narrower side of the house. It’s a great option if you want to keep your home’s roof profile. In most cases, a side dormer doesn’t require planning permission, but it may require building regulation approval. Completion time is around three to five weeks.

Bespoke Build – If you want to truly maximise the amount of space you can get from a loft conversion, then bespoke build is an excellent option. Style variations will often include “Hip to Gable” and “Mansard.” Completion time and building requirement depend on the scope of the project.

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